Most Known Unknown

Three 6 Mafia

Most Known Unknown

September 27, 2005

Hardcore Rap

Nobody tried to combine horror rap with strip club anthems until the great Three 6 Mafia, and since those two genres were just too volatile to hang for long, the group's heyday was as fleeting as it was exciting. This is the group's highpoint, with Juicy J and DJ Paul's divergent styles finding common ground, and producing mammoth numbers like "Stay Fly", a swagger anthem that still stands tall today.

- David Jeffries

Coral Fang

The Distillers

Coral Fang

October 14, 2003

Alternative Pop/Rock

Third and -- sadly -- final album from Brody Dalle and her boys. A blend of the best of Courtney Love and Exene Cervenka, Dalle's ferocious, throat-shredding banshee scream propelled the album over pogo-drums, chugging riffs, and a whole lot of shouting. It's feral, madcap, breakneck -- and yet, at times, absolutely beautiful and harmonic. Fans desperate to hear more Brody can check out Spinnerette, but this major label alpha/omega release is near perfect.

- Neil Z. Yeung